Own The Means Of Seduction With Lash Extensions At Lashtique

Let’s discuss the basis of glammunism: It’s all about who owns the means of seduction. And the answer should be YOU. Yes, the theory is somewhat related to the one that Karl Marx guy came up with (and gals, that’s not the dude who sang Right Here Waiting in the ’80s).

The first rule of being a glammunist? You can’t rock proletariat lashes (so yes, do you see what I’m saying about it being “somewhat” related to Communism? If “somewhat” really means… the opposite. You know.) Regular mascara’d lashes (i.e., proletariat lashes) are great–but feathery lash extensions don’t give you that wet clumpy lash effect you’ll always have (at least to a certain degree, even with the best versions) with mascara. I told you about my experience at JJ Permanent Makeup a few weeks ago. Well, I’m nothing if not obsessive, so when like, five of my extensions fell out, I rushed to get a refill, this time with the fabulous Ria Hountas-Pagilara at Lashtique.

The salon is located conveniently at 192 Lexington Avenue (@32nd Street–718-974-2821), just a hop and a skip from my apartment. Certified “lash stylist” Ria (she’s also a registered nurse!) gave me a touch-up that was relaxing and even comfortable. The glamorous room boasts a comfy “bed” where you’ll chill out listening to some music while Ria applies the extensions using a special waterproof agent. This adheres to your lashes, allowing you to shower, swim and excercise without worrying about losing your cils. Dylan Lauren even recently confessed to Vogue.com that she’s a fan. The results last up to four weeks. Lashtique’s Xtreme defined my eyes and completely eliminate the necessity of eye makeup. And yet, while they look glamorous and long, the actual individual lashes more closely resemble real ones. Ria even included a few mink lashes, which made me feel VERY JLo circa 2005–in a good way.

You’ll leave with a small lash brush for upkeep. To maintain, Ria recommends that you wash your lashline every few days gently with a diluted baby shampoo and that you stay away from oil-based makeup removers. You’ll have to do your best to keep them from getting wet for 24 hours. The cost ranges from $280–$525, and house calls available for an additional fee. My eyes absolutely POP with these–the effects somehow mimic flattering backlighting, a wind machine and airbrushing without, you know, utilizing any of those things.

Check them out yourself and then revel in your makeup-free lifestyle, for you, in true “Marxist” fashion have achieved… beautopia. Beauty girls of all lands unite.

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Disclosure: One touch-up was provided free of cost for editorial consideration.

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