American Apparel To Launch Nail Polish Line

American Apparel makes its foray into beauty!

The American Apparel newly launched nail polish collection features 18 colors and is DBP, toluene and formaldehyde-free. Here are the deets, courtesy of PR Newswire:

Each of the 18 colors in the primary offering evokes an important part of American Apparel. One is the color of raw cotton, while another — a minty green color called Office — was matched to the color of an accounting notepad found on the seventh floor of American Apparel’s headquarters. Factory Grey is the actual shade used to paint all floors of the company’s manufacturing operations, while Hassid – dark black – is a nod to American Apparel’s Jewish roots. Even the collection’s custom shade of red, “Downtown LA”, took the area where the factory is located as its inspiration.

“We think this nail polish captures what American Apparel is all about — a Made in the USA, high-quality product in a beautiful range of colors. It’s a venture of families in manufacturing, from the factory in which the polish is made to the Nail Lacquer logo created by Dov’s uncle, the noted graphic designer Israel Charney,” said Marsha Brady, a creative director for American Apparel.

American Apparel Nail Lacquer is priced at $6 per bottle and is available in a 3-pack for $15. It will be sold at American Apparel stores worldwide and online. I’m kind of loving the colors, but nail polishes manufactured by clothing companies more often than not tend to be an epic fail in the realm of staying power and application gloopiness. What do you think?

Image: Nitrolicious

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  1. Neck Traction

    Thanks for your post. All are fantastic colors. I like painting my nails. I have long nails. I have painting nails as a habit since my school days. My boyfriend likes my colored nails very much. I’ll try it now.


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