Hit Me With Those Laser Beams: Laser Cosmetica

I recently journeyed over to Laser Cosmetica on 18 West 23rd Street for some armpit lasering. We’re offish past TMI, ‘kay guys? I partook in some pit permanent hair removal. I’m tired of being a slave to razors, blow-dryers, and makeup. My 2010 resolution is to invest more time/energy all at ONCE (laser, La Brasiliana Brazilian Keratin Treatment at Ted Gibson Salon with Jan-Marie Arteca–more deets later, and lash extensions) so that my day-to-day can include less UPKEEP.

Anyway. So Laser Cosmetica’s service menu includes (among others):
Laser Hair Removal (prices range from $650 for the upper lip package to $4000 for full legs. All packages come with 3-year guarantee)
Cellulite Reduction
Laser Acne Therapy
Photo Facial
Chemical Peels

Also, Laser Cosmetica boasts an impressive in-house brand of skin care products. I’m especially smitten with their Green Tea Foaming Cleanser.

You’ll love the airy space and even more so, the attentive, super-friendly staff. Clinic Director Jolie Martin was my laser technician and handled my low tolerance for pain (read: I’m apparently a wuss when it comes to lasering my pits) with aplomb. The process was only minutes long, luckily, but it did smart a bit. Perhaps it was because I’ve never waxed that area before. I’ve only shaved it. I found that getting my bikini line lasered was less painful. Bizarre right? Anyway, Jolie is a doll and made the procedure as painless as possible.

The clinic is offering 50% off all procedures from now until December 31! Happy holidays to a hairless YOU. To schedule an appointment, call 888-458-5793.

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Disclosure: One laser hair removal session was comped for editorial consideration.

6 Comments Hit Me With Those Laser Beams: Laser Cosmetica

  1. medical laser hair removal

    Tried it and loved it. It’s permanent reduction, not permanent removal, but the difference makes life a lot easier. I’d love to have my full legs done, and the variety of bikini removal that I prefer (which offends some people, so I won’t even go into it).

    BTW, I was talking to my doctor recently about hirsutism, the causes, and how it can be treated. He said it’s basically a genetic thing (if you’re ovulating and don’t have some weird hormonal crap going on), often tied to ethnicity. Even if your hair follicle is more sensitive and thus produces more, according to him there’s not much that can be done to treat it apart from cosmetic solutions such as laser removal.

  2. הסרת שיער בלייזר

    I have been doing laser for years and hair growth is linked to hormones. I can say that so far it has been costly but well worth it. For those like myself who was shaving every other day, doing facial hair removal weekly or at least bi weekly I can now go weeks and at times months. I no longer have a shadow on my legs when I do shave and i even have patches where no hair grows at all. I have spent quite a bit of money so if this tria works it will save quite a bit and be well worth it!

  3. Anonymous

    Hey, I’ve been doing a ton of research for getting laser treatment done and while I was googling around today at work I found this one website that had an amazing deal. 80% off for 3 treatments so you can save almost $900. I just thought you might want to pass this on. The site was LocalBooking.com. Love your blog!!

  4. Jennifer

    Hi Amber- love the blog! I’m a loyal reader. One question though…do you know which type of laser that they used on you at Laser Cosmetica? I am a licensed aesthetician as well as a certified Laser Technician, and from what I understand, Laser Cosmetica uses IPL Devices. IPL Devices are not actually “lasers”- they are intense pulsed light, and work on many wavelengths of light, rather than just the one wavelength that actual lasers use (and the one wavelength that targets pigment aka the melanin in your hair). Because of this, it doesn’t make IPL Devices as effective (or effective at all) as actual laser devices. Yes, you will think they work in the meantime, but the hair does grow back. Many people aren’t aware of the difference between IPL’s and Lasers (such as the Alexandrite and the ND:YAG) and what each of them are good for. IPL’s are great for photofacials and removing hyperpigmentation and some redness from the face, but I’m not so keen on the idea of using them for hair removal. They simply don’t work as well. Would love to hear an update on how the service worked for you and if the hair grows back.


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