Botkier Sample Sale Haul


I just got back from the Botkier sample sale at 195 Lafeyette Street. It’ll last through the 6th, so GET THERE. Thanks to Dina for passing along the deets to me!

I purchased for $275 FABULOUS grey suede flat boots, which Dina thinks may never have proceeded to production (i.e., there may only be a few on EARTH like it); hematite-colored platform booties, flat brown suede shoes with zipper detail and black flat ruffle sandles. Check out the video for visuals.

Can I get a CAN YOU EVEN?

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3 Comments Botkier Sample Sale Haul

  1. monica

    for real!!!! i can’t believe you found those. tofupoo, theres a site called where you put in your zipcode and it lists all the stores in your area that are having free giveaway events!!!!


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