Too Faced Lashlight Mascara

Bust some Too Faced Lashlight Mascara out of your clutch and people will ask you what your STAGE NAME is. Know why? This is some dramatic mascara, friends. It elicits DRAMA. Like, more drama than the cheerleading squad that is my life elicits (Somehow, as I get closer to 30, I find myself dripping with girl friends Miss Hannigan style. I cannot explain this). This mascara is more dramatic even than the super dramatic part of Genesis’ In The Air Tonight. You know? Side note: I used to have a theory that at any point in time, when you’re flipping through radio stations, there’s ALWAYS a Genesis song on (or at the very least, a Phil Collins song).

So, enough beating around the bush. Here are the deets on the mascara. It’s a bit spendy at $25; it’s true. I think it’d be a much more reasonable buy at $18. But here’s what I’m into: Its jet-black glossy formula is actually comprised of microscopic mirrors that bounce light off lashes for supreme shine. How Innerspace is that? Microscopic mirrors? Tell me ANOTHER one, Too Faced! The formula is buildable and yields separated, long lashes. I’m also smitten with its mirror that lives on its packaging (makeup brands, simply put mirrors on EVERYTHING and I’m a happy camper) AND its easily wieldable brush. It’s tapered and not too large to brush down onto my lashes to fully encase them with mascara.

Lastly, the light is optional; you can switch it on and off with a button on top of the wand. This is vital as you may need to apply in public and perhaps do NOT want to cause a disco lash scene/answer one million questions about this craaaazy mascara you’re applying. It’s somewhat like being on the South Beach Diet. It’s totally effective, but who needs to EXPLAIN it all the time? People become absolutely unhinged when you order your chicken sans rice. Yet another thing I can’t explain. Anyway, with Too Faced, you have the option of blowing everyone away with your shiny new toy or not. And occasionally, you may want to choose not.
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Disclosure: Press sample provided by Too Faced PR

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