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Guys, I’m kind of kvelling! Major, major, major NEWS! I’m quoted in tomorrow’s New York Times (which is actually online tonight). Click here to read the piece. First of all, I’m over the moon to have been included. I think overall, the article was positive. I hope that “clogger” becomes part of the global lexicon. You know my major thrill in life is coining a phrase. My friends Nadine and Carolyn were also quoted, which I think is fantastic. and were also included in the article.

I’m not, however, happy with the caption under my picture, which reads: “Amber Katz welcomes the policing of bloggers.” This is simply not true. First of all, it kind of makes me seem like a goody goody. And I can sort of BE a goody goody. But in this case, when asked about how I feel about the FTC regulations, my response included phrases like, “I think it’s insane,” and “It’s way too extreme,” and “It’s a witchhunt,” and “It’s like shooting an ant with an AK 47.” It seems when it came to the caption, The New York Times had a casual relationship with the truth. While it’s certainly not slanderous, it simply doesn’t reflect my opinion whatsoever. Do I think a byproduct of the regulation could serve to be a positive way to weed out/keep cloggers legit? Yes. But do I WELCOME it? No.

But other than that? I’m happy to be a part of all the news that’s fit to print. In other news, I’m off to Israel for a 10-day vaca as of tomorrow night, dolls! I’m planning to do an encore presentation of the mountain makeup application, obv. Click here to see a video of the last one. I’m going with my friend Lauren and am much looking forward to catching up with friends, sitting on the beach in Tel Aviv and drinking Nescafes to my heart’s content. I have a bunch of scheduled posts to keep you occupied while I’m away (and am bringing my laptop, so I may contribute some fresh content here and there), so you’ll get your fill of BBJ even in my absence!

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