Q, You Are So Fine: Q-Zone Quiet Dryer

Dolls, the title is a hilariously obscure quote from one of my college fave movies, Love & Basketball. In the movie, Monica (played by Sanaa Lathan) reads this love note from the “ho” who’s aggressively pursing her dude, Quincy (played by Omar Epps):

“Q, you are so fine. I been wantin’ to get with you. Take me to the Spring Dance and I promise I’ll leave you satisfied.”

Friends, that is how I feel about the Q-Zone Quiet Dryer. I want to take it to the Spring Dance. It is not cheap at $180, but you’ll find the ROI (oiy, corporate speak rears its ugly head!) in the even-more-useful currency of blow-outs during Mad Men episodes. To be able to achieve such a feat, the Q-zone employs Insanely Quiet™ technology. You’ll be so impressed with your sleek, shiny ‘do that you can achieve whilst doing almost anything. You can have a conversation or listen to your fave radio station at a reasonable level (beyond just the hours of 9 and 11).

The Q-Zone Quiet Dryer offers the power of 1875 watts at only 1500. Ceramic Tourmaline technology yields healthier looking hair, shine and moisture, while IONIC technology helps reduce drying time dramatically. So it doesn’t take a second longer than your ush dryer. I experienced the magic that is the Q last week at the De Berardinis Salon located at 155 West 23rd Street in NYC (212-967-0927‎ for an appointment). Stylist Michael Thomas gave me a fab supersoft blow-out, during which we discussed everything from suburban Philadelphia to Italy WHILE the blow-out was happening. Convinced? You should be.

You’ll be in love with it since you were [fill in with your current age] years old. And the shit won’t go away.

Buy the Q-Zone Quiet Dryer here.

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2 Comments Q, You Are So Fine: Q-Zone Quiet Dryer

  1. Amber

    Jenna, it takes a bit longer than the T3, but I love the effects just as much. And what I lose in time, I make up for in multi-tasking b/c I can hear while I do my hair!


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