Seventh Samurai Meets Beach Warrior at Thakoon: Fashion Week Spring 2010

The beauty vibe backstage at Thakoon was a wild mix of surfer and sumo wrestler. For real.

Thakoon Spring 2010 collection - Eva Scriva

L Diane Kendal for NARS R Eva Scrivo
Photo: Nathan Bush

Diane Kendal for NARS Cosmetics created a strong warrior aesthetic using monotone-colored makeup to contrast with the colorful clothing collection. “It looks strong and beautiful without pigment color; just tones,” explained Kendal. Strong brows were the focus of the look. To define them, Kendal brushed on NARS shadow in Barley. Light shadow colors were swept all over the lid, up to the brows. Kendal used a new-for-spring light purple matte duo called D. Gorgeous in addition to NARS Blush in Hungry Heart Blush and Bronzing Duo. Darker shades were brushed onto the sockets, while cheeks were sculpted with a little NARS Multiple Bronzer in Malaysia just under the cheekbones.

Lips were pale. Kendal neutralized them first with NARS Sheer Matte Foundation before applying a smidge of NARS Lipgloss in Ophelia (NEW for spring!) in the center of the lip. Lastly, Kendal dabbed on NARS’ lastest Orgasm iteration: a shimmery, liquid highlighter onto the models’ cheekbones.

Sculpturesque half updos demonstrated the contrast between tight and loose elements, which the collection embodies as well.

Thakoon Spring 2010 collection - Final makeup and hair look

The final look
Photo: Nathan Bush

Eugene Soleiman, Global Creative Director of Wella Professionals, and Eva Scrivo, colorist to the stars, collaborated to create a tight-to-the-head “seventh samurai” ponytail sculpted on the top half, leaving loose, textured ends in a knot. Free flowing beachy waves fell down the back for balance. “We wove in a half weft of colored extensions on each girl in varying metallic shades,” explained Scrivo. The extensions ranged in shade from platinum and butterscotch to rose-gold and deep steel.

Here’s how you can achieve this ‘do at home:

Step 1 Blow dry the hair back and away from the face.

Step 2 Brush all the hair from ear to ear back and into a tight ponytail.

Step 3 Apply Wella System Professional Supermousse to the pony for a sleek, satin finish.

Step 4 Incorporate the hair from the center of the nape in a two-inch section up to the pony.

Step 5 Bind the hair in the pony with 1/2-inch thick black elastic, folding it back on itself to create a knot of hair.

Step 6 Smooth a silicone gloss onto palms and smooth over the hair that has been bound for a sleek finish.

Step 7 Add colored extensions to the hair that is left out of the bind to add length, fullness, and color depth.

Step 8 Spray this hair with Wella High Hair Ocean Sprizz and diffuse for a beachy texture.

I left backstage ready to don an obi Cobra Kai-style and head to the beach.

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