Tribal Flair At Vena Cava: Fashion Week Spring 2010

Vena Cava - Lloyd Simmonds Applying Makeup - New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

Photo: Nathan Bush

Matte plummy violet lips popped at Vena Cava. MAC makeup artist Lloyd Simmonds drew inspiration from the fabrics and exterior home painting patterns of the South African tribe called the N’ndebele. Mean Girls fans will recognize this tribe as the very same one who created the vase Lindsay Lohan‘s Cady Herron hid in high school shame under the sink before her house party.

Vena Cava - Lloyd Simmonds and Nonie Creme - New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

Lloyd Simmonds and Nonie Creme
Photo: Nathan Bush

To create his matte purple pout, Simmonds mixed different MAC PRO Lip Mix pigments. Says Simmonds, “To interpret this look at home, simply dab on the color as a stain with fingertips, or blot with a tissue after application.”

Vena Cava - Final look - New York Fashion Week Spring 2010

The final look
Photo: Nathan Bush

My mane man Ted Gibson (for created hair that was sophisticated in the front and downtown in the back. “A non-uptight ballerina,” laughed Gibson. He used his Ted Gibson Hair Sheets pre blow-out and applied some Tame It before pulling hair into a bun. He then twisted hair and pushed from the tip down to the base of the pony to rough it up for a dual-personality feel. As a Gemini, I was so very into it. Lastly, he sprayed Beautiful Hold Hairspray to lock in the style.

Butter LONDON for created the nail concept for the Vena Cava show. Brand founder Nonie Creme mixed, in equal parts, Butter London Artful Dodger ( a turquoise) and Royal Navy (a cobalt) to achieve a “dark bright” edgy pop of color. Nonie recommends starting with a clean cuticle and allow the paint to go into the cuticle to get that “crisp line” around the base of the nail. Nonie predicts that Spring/Summer 2010 will be characterized by polar opposites in nail trends: they’ll skew either sheer or intense.

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