YOU Could Never Be Jell-O.

The title is a quote from one of my FAVE movies, dolls. Recognize it? Tell me from whence it came in the comments. Anyway, I have a theory, dolls. Tricolored glosses of 2009, I’m onto you. Observe:

First, there were MAC’s Sugar Sweet collection’s Tricolour Lipglasses.
And now, Estee Lauder’s new, limited edition Pure Color Multi-Shimmer Gloss, pictured above in Rose Amethyst.

Can we not agree as a people that the inspiration for both of these gloss collections was none other than J-E-L-L-O? I hereby declare 2009 as the year of the three-color Jello gloss.

Either way. There’s always room for a triple threat gloss in my purse. Fellow Philadelphian Bill Cosby (who always reminds me of my dad, despite the fact my dad is white. He did, however, also attend Bill’s alma mater to which he is fiercely loyal, Temple University. AND the two are only about five years apart) would be so proud, n’est-ce pas?

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8 Comments YOU Could Never Be Jell-O.

  1. Lindsey

    Even though it’s already been pointed out, how could I NOT comment on My Best friend’s Wedding?! Don’t you love the scene singing in the restaurant?
    She’s fabulously endearing for someone who is lower than the fungus that feeds on the pond scum.

  2. Amber

    Great job, gals! I love a fellow MBFW fan 🙂 “There may not be marriage… there may not be sex… but by God, there’ll be dancing.”

  3. mnk

    This is quite obviously from My Best Friend’s Wedding. Great quote, great movie! This is why I love reading your blog. Fab glosses as well….


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