Beauty Sleep Savior: TM Soft White Noise Application for iPhone

My latest beauty obsesh isn’t a cream, stick or potion, friends. It’s helped me achieve the best beauty sleep I’ve had in MONTHS thanks to its help drowning out my superloud stu stu studio street noises (though I do love living solo, 23rd and Park isn’t the quietest longitude/latitude on the grid).

I finally upgraded my iPhones software a few weeks ago and promptly went on a rampant application spree. One such app changed my lifestyle and it’s called White Noise. It’s simply a sound machine (sans the Miami part). The application comes with a choice of eight high-quality ambient sounds. My fave is Extreme Rain Pouring for a restful evening, but Beach Waves Crashing has been fun to have on when I’m puttering around. In fact, I just light a BURN Tiare Coconut Milk Candle ($60), put on the waves, relax in some flip flops and luxuriate in my staycation (depressing as that word is, it’s far less so when it’s set to the tune of the ocean). I love that you can set the timer so that you won’t have to rip yourself from your snuggly cocoon of warmth in the morning amid the same restful sound that put you to sleep just a few hours prior. It’s just as useful when staying at a friend’s house as it is on a plane. And your phone charges whilst the application runs all night. Check it for yourself:

Insomniacs of the world rejoice!

The TM Soft White Noise Application is FREE from the iTunes Store.

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