Benefit Introduces One Hot Minute!

Me, before Julie Monti’s expert makeup application. Feh, right? I have to share also, that we were having a BAD hair day in New York yesterday.

After! Julie did a fab job, n’est-ce pas? Check the luminosity One Hot Minute adds!

Gals, last night I attended a Benefit Cosmetics blogger event where we were introduced to Benefit’s newest item, One Hot Minute. If you’re a Benefit junkie as I am (perhaps this blog should be called Benefit Blogging Junkie), you’ll need to add this little jewel to your collection. It’s a rose-gold loose, shimmery powder that infuses your skin with a seductive JLo-circa-2002 glow in seconds. Let’s put it this way: It does for skin what Michelle Pfeiffer’s iconic character Elvira did for the movie Scarface.

The color is right for every skin tone and can be applied everywhere from face to decollete to legs. It yields a soft, pretty, metallic luster that isn’t cakey, nor too powdery. You know I hate a powdery effect. This one is finely-milled and simply gorge. I lurve that it comes with its own flat, rounded brush and the packaging dispenses the perfect amount of powder thanks to its few sifter holes.

Annie Ford Danielson
(Benefit Makeup Trend Artist and daughter of Benefit co-founder Jean Ford!) and Julie Monti (Benefit Makeup Artist for the SoHo Bloomingdales–visit her there, she’s ama!) were on-hand to give makeovers with One Hot Minute. They also used some of my fave Benefit items such as Posietint, BADgal Liner Waterproof, Some Kind-a Gorgeous, Benefit’s new Velvet Eyeshadow and their legendary Creaseless Cream Shadow/Liner. I love that the cream shadow/liner has a built-in primer so it NEVER creases and lasts the whole damn day. BT dubs, Julie shared this genius tip: “Apply Posietint before and after your foundation to get a lit-from-within glow.” Love it.

One Hot Minute will be available in July for $30 exclusively at Sephora and

Will you be buying one? Tell me in the comments!

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6 Comments Benefit Introduces One Hot Minute!

  1. Stephanie

    Benefit is amazing and so is Julie. I hired her for an event last year and she did a fantastic job!

  2. Sara

    You look great! Love Benefit products! I’ve even had Julie Monti do my makeup at the Soho Bloomie’s! You’re so right–she’s fantastic!

  3. Connie De Alwis

    Amber, you look gorgeous! With and without makeup 😉 You’re really tempting me with the One Hot Minute. The glow’s one thing but the packaging… prettiest out of all Benefit products!


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