Check My New MINT Jodi Arnold Masai Cocoon Dress

Gals, I got the most DIVINE dress at my MINT Jodi Arnold sample sale. As far as post-work activities go, this one ranked high on the list. BT dubs, did you know that my daily lifestyle goes like this?
Work 9-5

Run like hell to get to post-work beauty event. Am semi-late and have to run, lest I sweat because I’m nerve about being late. Being late is my cardio.

Arrive at event. Chat with fellow beauty fiends. Drink exactly two drinks. Find out what kind of mascara/hair product/skin care items are launching.

Eat hors-d’oeuvres for dinner. Sometimes a crab cake. A lot of cheese. Maybe some fruit or some crudite. Whatevs.

Go home and write my blog drunk (now you know why I don’t even speak English on this blog. The truth emerges!)

Wake up the next morning and do it all again.

But anywho, as I was saying, at last night’s event, I left the MINT Jodi Arnold showroom with this little cobalt blue gem, pictured above. It’s called the MINT Jodi Arnold Masai Cocoon Dress ($480). I lurve that its sleeves envelop my upper arms in such a slimming, yet unique, yet totes sexy way. I’m going to rock the hell out of it at my friend Shelby’s upcoming nuptials this July.

Here’s the description:
A combination of open faggotting [I am NOT mature enough to handle the fact that that’s really a verb. I knew that a faggot is actually a bundle of sticks, but used as a verb… well, let’s just say Daneen and I had a good laugh on the phone about it], hand beadwork, sequins, and threadwork are the focal point of the Masai Cocoon Dress. Made of silk crepe de shine and lined with silk habotai, the dress is lightweight and falls easily against the skin. Slit sleeves fall in cocoon-like shape around the arms. A self fabric ribbon can tie in the front or back. Seed bead trim lines the hem to compliment the neckline.

MINT Jodi Arnold’s Spring 2 Collection for 2009 is inspired by with the North and West African flavor of Morocco, Mauritania, and Senegal. Celebrating the liveliness and lack of pretense of African culture, this collection strives to approach the reality and rawness of North African life, love, and passion by emphasizing its strengths through interpretive observation.

Super cute, right? I plan to rock the Masai Cocoon Dress and transform into a non-Mariah style butterfly, just as its name indicates.

Head on over to and check out her offerings for spring and summer!

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3 Comments Check My New MINT Jodi Arnold Masai Cocoon Dress

  1. Caroline @ Salescoop

    Love the color of the dress; the blue really pops! The detail is gorgeous and reminds me of an exotic summer vacation. Also looks like a great shape for a day to night look. Hope you actually get some time to relax and wear it soon 🙂


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