Gellin’ Like a Felon (Would You Like Some Melon?)

I confess that I had some seriously crunchy hair in the ’90s. To be fair, everyone did. I piled on tons and tons of BLUE Dep, a strange amount of hairspray and attacked my ‘do (which was a don’t, little did I know) with a diffuser.

In 2009, I know so much BETTER. As working with my Remington Airwave is an evolving process, I’ve finally realized that my hair holds the wave a bit better and lasts longer with a bit of light gel. LIGHT being the operative word. Light gel is suprisingly hard to come by, it’s not as ubiquitous as it should be just yet. Luckily for curly gals everywhere, Bb. got the memo and has hit it out the PARK with their new gel iteration, called simply Bb. Gel ($24). This styling aid does carry a subtitle however, and it is: The Multi-talented Sculpting Medium. Indeed.
The copywriting on the package is totes hilar. I live for clever copywriting, dolls. But even more impressive is that this gel delivers the exact amount of brushable hold I need to keep my Remington waves for days sans crunchiness or stickiness. It’s simply not that kind of party with Bb. This gel lives very much in the now, to quote Wayne Campbell from Wayne’s World.

It is truly the Elnett of gel.

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5 Comments Gellin’ Like a Felon (Would You Like Some Melon?)

  1. Amber

    Hi Katie!

    NO, no, it’s not bad to use a diffuser. I was more illustrating the point about using hairspray before a diffuser (not such a good idea). Diffusers in general though = GREAT idea 🙂


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