Finest Hour Week: Take it all off.

Finest Hour Week concludes!

So, it’s all well and good that I’ve told you what to put ON your face, but let’s be real with each other. It’s going to be a late night, and you’re going to be in no condition to take it off responsibly, right? And you don’t want to spend the EARTH on makeup removal. I get it. And so does Clean & Clear.

Enter their Oil-free Makeup Remover ($6) and Makeup Dissolving Foaming Cleansing Wipes. ($6) The former lifts makeup, dirt and oil effortlessly, leaving no oily, greasy residue in its wake. Cucumber extract and conditioners ensure your skin will be left soft, never tight nor itchy.

The latter is the perfect way to de-smoky eye, stat. It’s the perfect middle ground between a simple get-it-the-F-off-my-grill wipe and a thorough face wash. Personally, I use wipes for removing makeup from my brushes (a little tip from my gal Marina at makeuplovesme), but these foamy iterations are so fantast at ridding me of even waterproof makeup that they earn a gold star in quick and easy pre-bed cosmetic eradification. They foam slightly, and yet don’t make me feel as if I need to rinse.
And that’s it, gals! Have a PHENOM PROM! Tell me all about it.

P.S. It’s my blogaversary on Saturday, April 4! BBJ is turning 3. I’m a TODDLER!

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