Finest Hour Week: Sense of Occasion Shower Gel

I’m all about splurging for occasions that warrant a little luxury, and the prom is most certainly one of them. I actually saved the last of my even-at-the-time discontinued Bath & Body Works Sparkling Pear Body Wash for use at my senior prom so I could feel extra spesh on my extra spesh night. Unfortunately, My brother had actually used up MOST of it, not realizing that it was a precious commodity (probably to sit around the house playing video games) and I was DEVA, as you can imagine. Thankfully, I’d had JUST enough for prom day.

Anywho, $50 a bottle is a lot for a high school gal to spend on shower gel, but this one is so, so worth it. Jo Malone’s new Lotus Blossom & Water Lily Shower Gel is fresh, clean and yields loads of luxe lather–ESSENTIAL for sparkling danceteria-ready skin. Its light fragrance is vaguely Asian, moderately sophisticated (though not too too, you’re still in high school!), and utterly invigorating. The formula’s blend of mandarin, sacred lotus blossom, bamboo and aloeswood encourages energy. Along with Dark Amber & Ginger Bathing Soak ($75) it’s part of the Kohdo Wood Collection available starting TODAY on and on-counter. Kohdo BTW, is the ancient Japanese art of incense appreciation. It’s a cultural adventure in addition to an olfactory one.

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