Exfoliation Nation.

This week, I’m all about exfoliating.

I “exfoliated” a roommate from my lifestyle yesterday (which unfortunately yielded a side effect of her deciding to “exfoliate” my shoe rack along with her to her new apartment.) Many of my products are being neglected in boxes, but one thing that’s still in my bathroom is my Wei East Mulberry Brightening Exfoliating Grains ($26). Smaller than a wet-nap, these individual packets of sloughers can be added to your regularly-scheduled cleanser to remove dulling dead facial skin cells. And who wants those? Not you, dolls. Not you.

My fave part? You can add as many or as few grains as you like for a bespoke scrub that gets you your most magnif skin. I recommend pairing it with Wei East’s China Herbal Cleanser ($18) to “keep it real.”

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2 Comments Exfoliation Nation.

  1. Jessica Allison

    Just be careful with these types of products- I’m not familiar with this one, but those made with ground nut shells or pumice have jagged edges that can cause microscopic tears in the skin.

    For an easy scrub, try mixing sugar into your face wash. It’s much more gentle, and sugar is a natural humectant!


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