LOST Analysis: Your Buddy Out There with the Eyeliner!

So, listen. I know I’m probably an ego maniac (on the dance floor – and I’m dancing like I’ve never danced before), BUT. Just maybe Sawyer’s hilarious joke about Eyeliner Richard Alpert‘s eyeliner was a shout-out to my interview with LOST‘s makeup artist Emily Katz? A gal can dream, right? Anywho, onto more thoughts on last night’s LOST ep:

Welcome to LOST, Michelle Dessler! I’m loving that you’re on this show! I miss you on 24.

Speaking of mirror faces, Elizabeth Mitchell is CONSTANTLY giving us hers on LOST and last night’s ep was no exception. Oh, Juliet has Sawyer’s back? That’s reassuring. Also:

It’s kind of nice that Sawyer and Juliet are together. That’s a relashe I can stand behind. I don’t know, it just WORKS for me. Sawyer and Kate made my stomach turn. Though I prefer Kate and Jack, I can’t get over the fact that I still feel Kate is not good enough for Jack. But Juliet and Sawyer is kind of lovely. Juliet has been unlucky in love (Goodwin, Jack) and seems to have found an equal of sorts with Sawyer.

I love the 70s dance party at the Dharma station. Did you see that Rosie is wearing a Geronimo Jackson shirt?

A Mini-Charlotte cameo! Aww. One thing: Wasn’t she born in 1979? So why is she like, four years old in 1977? Hmmm? Maybe when Ben asserted that she was born in 1979, he was actually off by a few years, making her younger than she is and she simply didn’t want to correct him? If so, doll, I hear that. I’ve been there.

A few thoughts on last week’s episode (The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham):
The Tunisia scene was very “the Libyans” in Back to the Future.

Charles Widmore was the leader of the Others – interesting that he mentions they’re not the “others” to him, they’re his people. A reference to Calvin Horton Cooley’s Looking Glass Self theory?

Abbadon died in another car accident in keeping with the car accident theme.

Fate vs. probability – Jack mentions that it’s probability that Locke was taken to his hospital. Yet another Man of Science vs. Man of Faith argument.

Talk to me about this: Wasn’t Locke’s near-suicide an EXACT parallel of Brooks Hatlen‘s sad demise in the epic Shawshank Redemption? Think about it: Brooks couldn’t function as a free man. He couldn’t handle living beyond the confines of his “nirvana,” i.e., the prison. It’s all he knew for years and years. Similarly, Locke is lost (ha) when he has the advantages of population and technology at his disposal. He feels lonely and unused to living in that world. Consider this: he’ll choose knives over guns every time. He’s a no frills kind of dude. On-island, he’s a natural hero. He has the use of his legs. He’s the leader of The Others. Off-island, even the Oceanic Six have no time for him and scorn him as a “lonely old man.” Discuss!

Ben killed John the same way Sawyer killed John’s dad. Also: Ben has now “killed” John twice. But he always comes back to life…

See you next week, LOST fans!

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  1. Cinthia

    it’s funny, when sawyer said eyeliner richard, my first thought came to your blog…i still can’t believe he doesnt wear eyeliner….his lashes are lush!


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