ParapherNAILia: Meet Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure

In 2009, I’m all about the poor girl’s spa day. The phrase was coined by my roommate and it entails a DIY mani/pedi, a deep conditioning treatment administered by YOU, a trip to the sauna at your gym, and a super thrifty massage at your neighborhood nail salon. To make your DIY mani/pedi more luxurious (and more professional), I suggest enlisting the help of my two new friends, Ms. Manicure and Ms. Pedicure.

New for Spring 2009, Ms. Manicure‘s Handy Dandy Mani includes all you need for a DIY mani on the cheap. It’s even great if you haven’t fully weaned yourself off of salon manis and want to tote your own nail paraphernailia so you don’t have to use the manicurist’s skeevy tools. For $10, you get:

-cuticle nippers
-nail clippers
-nail scissors
-wood cuticle sticks
-nail brush
-washable salon board
-4-way nail buffer
-slant-tip tweezers

An excellent value, all packaged in storable, delightfully girly pink bag.

The Ms. Pedicure Foot Spahh Set ($13) houses :
-Smooth Talker, a tool to stop calluses before they even start.
-Heeling Fine, an intensive cream that smoothes and softens heels.
-Smoothy Groovy, a foot brush and pumice stone combo
-Rock n’ Sole, a pumice stone

This set is also new for Spring 2009.

Tell me: In what ways have you cut back? Tell me your most creative poor girl spa suggestions in the comments.

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