Foot Petals = Foot SAVIOR

Fashion Week is my fave time of year, but it wreaks unbelievable havoc on my tootsies. My friends know this about me: I LOVE to sit. And I hate to stand. I love to walk. But I hate to be stationary, standing up at a party. I knew my FW sched was going to include a lot of lines, parties, and long hours on my feet. This time, I came prepared by reinforcing all of my shoes I wore with Foot Petals. They’re PHENOM. The brand offers a wide range of solutions to your stiletto situations, but my favorites are their Amazing Arches (2 pairs for $13, for arch support) and Heavenly Heelz ($5, for pinchy heel collars). Their Stiletto Survival Kit is $50 and contains all you need to end foot pain situations.

You’ll have to come up with another reason to stop talking to that loser at the bar.


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