On the Catwalk: Venexiana

Okay. I didn’t love the look at Venexiana. There were a few pieces I really enjoyed. But overall, this one was a miss for me. The eyebrows were bleached out Whoopie Goldberg-style. The smokey eye/nude lip combo was pretty. But the hair. OH, the hair. I believe they were faux bangs attached to the head. It looked pretty synthetic. The back was twisted into an updo I can only describe as two bugles laying next to each other on the back of the head. BUGLES. Check it, above. They made me hungry for a snack. However, I did love the usage of tiaras, specifically the ’70s tiara placed lower on the head, kind of like the headbands Nicole Richie rocked around her forehead circa summer 2008.

The clothes were hit or miss. The furs and flashy rhinestone accents seemed too… Nuclear Russia, or something, to me. A lot of the looks seemed cheaply made, no rich ruching, not many interesting ruffles. Some of the gowns were pretty, almost ethereal. But there was one purple dress embellished with a violet ruffle running along the length of the back that I simply adored. Check it from the back:

And from the front:
Here’s one of the fur looks I liked the most:

See the ’70s tiara? I’m into it!

At the end, the designer, Kati Stern emerged looking like Eva Gabor, and I sort of felt bad for hating on her chosen look. But it didn’t do it for me (other than the gorgeous purple dress, which will haunt my dreams.) She was so cute posing at the end for the cameras. What do you think of Venexiana’s Fall 2009 collection? Tell me in the comments.

Image credit: Beauty Blogging Junkie

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