Pour la Victoire de MOI

Because I got a bonus and managed to dodge a layoff, I felt I deserved these Pour La Victoire boots on sale at Bluefly for $185. They can be tall and sleek OR scrunchy and short. I ADORE them. I envision wearing them to death. The leather is glossy, yet buttery. Thanks to Stacy London for the brand recommendation!

I find that because they’re flat, I end up walking more than I would rocking some heels. This SLIGHTLY negates the weight gain that should result from my freezing my gym membership for three months to save some dollies. During the freeze, I’ve been instituting the following “exercise:”

*Taking the stairs
*Walking instead of taking the subway as much as possible
*Drinking delish FUZE Slenderize beverages once a day. It has no sugar added, is only 5-10 calories per bottle and features Super Citrimax- that helps to support a healthy metabolism. I’m most partial to the Cranberry Raspberry flavor. Best of all? It doesn’t taste fake/diet-y. Have you tried it? Tell me in the comments.

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  1. Jenna

    Congrats on your bonus! I just got a raise last week, so unexpected considering these economic times. I also celebrated with a clothing purchase, a pair of $200 skinny black jeans I’m ridiculously in love with. Who know skinny jeans could be so comfortable???? Also, I’m very jealous you met Stacy London, she seems like an awesome person.


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