Don’t Need No Credit Card To Ride This Train Week: Venus Spa Breeze

The blush pink Venus Spa Breeze system is pretty freaking phenom AND wallet-friendly.

Its razor cartridges contain built-in shave gel bars that provide a light, moisturizing lather, eliminating the need for a separate shave gel. AND the shave gel bars yield a delish white tea scent. I am into its firm grip inducing handle. I have a tendency to cut myself horror movie-style when I’m in a rush. This little gem handles curves like a pro.

In fact, were I to use the great Bruno’s (from Da Ali G Show) rating system, which assigns notes as ratings, I’d give it an “aaahhh!” (close to the top of the scale) as opposed to an “uuuuhhhhh.” (imagine a lower, gutteral note.)

Available in February 2009 in disposable and refillable forms at food, drug, and mass merchandise stores. The nondisposable system includes the refillable razor, two shave gel cartridges, and a shower compact for $9.99. Don’t need no credit card to ride this train!

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