Don’t Need No Credit Card To Ride This Train Week: Kings & Queens King of Sumatra Pepper Bergamot Soap

Hello all, and WELCOME to Don’t Need No Credit Card to Ride This Train Week! Obv, the name is a line from Huey Lewis and the News’ Power of Love, a.k.a. the theme song of one of my favorite movies, Back to the Future.

This beauty theme week is inspired no doubt by These Economic Times. Every product I feature during DNNCCTRTT Week will be under $10. I’ve been drugstore-ing it for months to bring you suggestions to spend your money the best way possible.

The first item is Kings & Queens King of Sumatra Pepper Bergamot Soap ($6). If you like Bliss’ Blood Orange + White Pepper line, you’ll ADORE Pepper Bergamot. It’s an unlikely combo, but pepper and citrus is brisk, refreshing, and tempered with a hint of sweet. In case you don’t know, Kings & Queens is a truly fantastic line of bargain-priced products with a clever marketing platform based on history. The line educates consumers about the decadance of royals past with a fun twist. I’ve previously reviewed their phenom George III Lime Shower Gel.

According to the press release: Black Pepper was the most sought-after spice from antiquity to the Middle Ages. One of its best qualities comes from Sumatra, where legends about the constant struggle between local kings, colonialists, and pirates are still alive. Fortunately, today there is no need to fight for pepper… since we can enjoy it at any time, even in a scandalous combination with Bergamot.

The soap is long-lasting, superfoamy, and smells utterly delish. It includes a blend of pomegranate, blue Egyptian lotus an dmalachite extracts. I also have to throw in a quick recommendation for the brand’s Aztec King Vanilla Pear Shower Gel ($9). In pre-Columbian Mexico, vanilla was considered a potent aphrodisiac, which is why the Aztec kings and their many wives consumed countless cups of vanilla drinks every day. The pearlescent shower gel smells fresh without being too sugary and leaves skin soft.

King & Queens products are sold at, Fred Segal, and

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