The Elemis SpaPod Power Booster Facial at Bergdorf Goodman

Happy Wednesday, dolls! Yesterday, I journeyed on uptown (and felt very Olivia Palermo about it) for a 30-minute facial at the Elemis Spa at Bergdorf Goodman.

I have to admit: I was a bit apprehensive about getting a facial yesterday mere hours before I had a date… normally, I’d consider that bad idea jeans. But let’s be serious: When mama needs a facial, mama needs a facial. You know? And I’d had the facial scheduled first. I took a chance knowing I could POTENSH be splotchy for this date. Who knew? I’d never had a facial there. You never know what kind of skin situation you’ll be left with. I have to say, the results are good and I left with super smooth date-ready skin.

But the best part of the SpaPod? The FULL BODY MASSAGE CHAIR. The SpaPod’s Intelligent Massage Chair measures the length of the spine, takes your body weight, warms the body and delivers a customized massage program using a variety of techniques on the calves, legs, buttocks, back and neck – basically the ultimate quick indulgence. It even does your feet. It’s fantastic. I want to BUY one for my APARTMENT.

Before giving me the sarong to rock as a tube top (it’s so the facial can be extended to your shoulders and decolletage), the lovely Irene, my aesthetician, asked me if I was pregnant before letting me get in the chair. I’m not (obv), which I informed her, but I had to wonder, what kind of CHAIR is this if you can’t be in it when you’re PG? I mean, it simply massages you. Maybe it’s too intense if you’re with child? Perhaps bad for your blood pressure? Who knows. I quickly forgot about it because I was undergoing the massage listening to Enya (Storms in Africa! Is there a better spa song?) whilst Irene began the treatment. The treatment included an enzymatic papain fruit extract and White truffle mask, which helps to remove the thickening layer of the epidermis. Lest you be confused, this is a RELAXING facial. It’s not a get-down-to-business/remove-all-the-gunk-you’re-harboring-in-your-pores-facial. For that, you’ll either need to book 60 minutes with Irene, or go to the fantastic Brandy at Xac Anthony.

The only scary part is returning to the Bergdorf Beauty Level without your “face” on. This terrified me, as I am a person who wears makeup EVERYWHERE except for the gym, the beach, and Starbucks circa 11am on a Sunday. But, as you know, that can be easily remedied at BG. I headed swiftly over to the Prescriptives counter where I was able to primp pre-date. Perf!

The 30-minute Power Booster Facial costs $55. Book your Elemis facial (with Irene!) at 212-872-2821.

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