Stacy London’s Fashion on a Budget Tips

Last night, I hit up an event at The Empire Hotel to learn about new offerings from Pantene, Olay, and Clairol with Marina, Carolyn, Risi-Lianne, and Anne. Stay tuned for info on all their new stuff.

Special guest STACY LONDON (I know. “Shut UP” was all I could think) spoke about how “if your hair isn’t fabulous, your outfit doesn’t matter.” That’s a maxim I’ve always followed.The former Vogue assistant and Mademoiselle senior fashion editor proclaimed that “the economy doesn’t matter to me–having good hair does.” A gal after my own heart!

Then, Stacy spoke about bargain hunting. Here’s what she said:

Shoes are an excellent place to “go budget.” She loves Jeffrey Campbell, Seychelles, Oh Deer! and Pour la Victoire.

Stacy also goes budge in the outerwear department. She loves an H&M trench as long as it fits properly in the shoulders, is a fab 3/4 length. If it meets these two criteria, it “adds visual interest.”

Costume jewelry is another great place for bargains. Brooches are Michelle Obama’s new thing and as such, Stacy has declared “yes we ALL can.” She told the story of a fab woman she once saw years ago at Fashion Week who’d cleverly dressed up the side of a wrap skirt with a brooch.

I asked Stacy about a good place to buy frugalista jeans and her answer ASTOUNDED me. Are you ready? WET SEAL. As in, in the mall. They have phenom black skinny jeans for $30. Get on that shiz.

I natch, had to ask Stacy about her favorite makeup brands. She favors NARS blush (Super Orgasm) lip and eye pencils and Dior glosses. Her makeup WAS very fab in person.

Oh, and re: the gray streak (I’ve gotten several questions). It’s REAL, she’s had it since she was 11 and it grew there suddenly after she’d been sick. CRA, right? I’d been wondering about The Streak forevs.

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  1. Meagan

    That is amazing. I work for Wet Seal and have been trying to work with Stacy London for months now. Do any of you know how to get in touch with the show?

  2. Charlene

    OMG! She’s just as fabulous as I thought she’d be…i’m really happy for you…She seemed like she was extremely down to earth too…great stuff! thanks for posting!


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