Haven’s Hot Cocoa Mani + Pedi is Perf for a Winter Waldorf Wedding

Happy holidays, dolls! The pic on the left was taken on Saturday at my friend Jordan’s wedding at the Waldorf-Astoria. Are we not looking fance? Pictured clockwise (L-R) are: Brian, me, Jordan (the groom), Jerry, and Dana.

I did much to prepare for this wedding, as you can imagine. First of all, I must share how utterly refreshing it was to attend a wedding in NYC (my first) where I had the luxury of getting ready in my own apartment instead of a hotel room where I am coerced into doing four other girls’ hair and makeup in addition to my own in the allotted 40 minutes. Such is the hazard of beauty writers: friends think we’re dermatologists, stylists, and makeup artists. I love to do the hair and makeup of others, just not when I don’t have access to all of my supplies and am RUSHED. You know.

Anywho, I also had time this week to book some pre-wedding pampering which included a Hot Cocoa Manicure Pedicure at Haven Spa.

First, my feet were soaked in a warm chocolaty milk bath. Then, my feet and legs were scrubbed with Haven’s house brand of products called Plum‘s cocoa exfoliant. It smelled divine, like real cocoa – not too sweet. Then, a massage with Plum’s all-natural cocoa butter lotion ensued. I LOVE this lotion. It’s so rich and creamy and is THE antidote to flaky winter skin. Lastly, my nails were polished with a fun Essie red color meticulously applied by the technician, Emma. A luxurious mani followed and nearly a week later, there is not a single sign of wear and tear. NOT ONE. It’s still glossy as heck. Haven’s manicures are rumored to last ten full days and I’m confident that will be the case this time. My pedi is also looking just as perf as it did on Wednesday. Haven is located at 150 Mercer Street 212.343.3515. Hot Cocoa Manicure + Pedicure (75 minutes): $60.

The wedding was gorge and even featured socks for all the female patrons, just like at a bar mitzvah. Totally genius. I remarked that I’d go clubbing (an activity I usually loathe) every single night if I were provided socks to wear instead of uncomf heels. Also, since we’re on the subject of shoes (or not wearing them, rather), I must report that I rocked my new Hollywould shoes over which I’ve been salivating since October. Well, the bow was ripped off the left shoe while I was walking and I would up having to use my GUM to get it to adhere back onto the shoe, MacGyver style. Can you EVEN? It worked pretty well; that bow went nowhere until I got home.

Stay tuned for a White Sands Liquid Texture Firm Styling Spray giveaway! I’ll post the entry form later today.

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