Catherine Hardwicke Won’t Be Directing New Moon

More Twilight news via Daneen! Catherine Hardwicke (pictured, left) WON’T be directing New Moon, the movie based on the eponymous second book in the Twilight series. Thank GAWD. While I liked the movie (I may or may not have seen it four times – the first week), it was all thanks to my love for the book and for Robert Pattinson (obv.) I loathed the Spice Girl clothes (as my gal Tamar called them), the casting of Rosalie and Jaspar, there was far too much angstiness, and overall flow of the movie lacked something. I think Tim Burton could do AMAZING things with this movie. If I had his number, I’d call him on the phone and ASK him to direct it.

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  1. Carrie

    PS – I think the Volturi should come after Catherine Hardwicke’s stylist for allowing her to walk a red carpet with those microdreads. Feh!

  2. Carrie

    Now I just wonder if there may be casting changes (i.e., Rosalie)…I have to imagine we’re not the only ones that thought she was miscast. I think a new director will be a good thing. Cathy was a little too much into the circular pan shots. One is fine. Three is just ridiculous. Whoever ends up directing, I just hope they get this project moving quickly. I’m ready for the next installment!

  3. rita

    you know.. I actually like catherine hardwicke and some of her films like lords of dogtown, I really get her vibe, but she couldn’t deliver what was expected by people who read the book.. the only problem is that twilight is an indie film, and new moon and eclipse will have very different directors with very different perspectives.. which means completely different movies, and that will be kind of strange I think!!
    WELL, kisses from your PORTUGUESE fan, Rita. Please keep making me laugh with your wonderful posts 🙂

  4. Daneen :)

    I’m all about a new director for the remainder of the series. Besides the fact that she can’t direct (and the microbraids), there’s just something off about Catherine Hardwicke. Every time I see her interviewed, she sounds like she just hit the bong. And she had Rob and Kristen audition on her bed! Who does that? She strikes me as someone who practices reiki and is guided by crystals.


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