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Hey girls!

I saw Twilight on Friday and am semi-embarrassed to report I’m going to go see it a second time tonight in a couple of hours with Jamie. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and don’t want to be privy to any spoilers, (that means you, Julia!) here’s where you should stop reading.

It was FANTASTIC overall. Seriously. Robert Pattinson fans will literally swoon for a full two hours. His accent is sort of unidentifiably hot – he covers up his British lilt well and comes up with one that’s unique, but passes for one from another era. And his VOICE. It surpasses that of Kiefer Sutherland, who previously, I would have commandeered him to read me the phone book. It’s to die. I die. Everyone dies. Even he dies and then returns as a vampire for all eternity because it’s truly the love child of cashmere and velvet.

I’m also on a mission to find out what lip stain was used on his lips. It’s kind of phenom. Some of my friends have remarked that they thought the washed out complexions were a bit much, but that didn’t bother me. Yes, they were pale – remarkably so. But I have to say, it’s a hue that I’ve achieved NATURALLY when I’ve been seriously hungover. I left the movie thinking, know what? These are my PEOPLE. I’m taking a mini-vaca from bronzer. It’s okay to embrace my ridic levels of pale for five minutes.

Here’s what I didn’t love: the casting of Jasper and Rosalie.

Jasper: I think he mistakenly thought he was playing the part of Edward Scissorhands. Seriously, dude was so awkward and looked like he was rocking a back brace, in the words of my friend Jenn. I couldn’t stop laughing every time he made an appearance. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t intentionally hilar.

Rosalie was played by the very gorgeous star of Thirteen (another Catherine Hardwicke movie), Nikki Reed. Nikki is a dusky beauty with whom I’m very impressed because she hasn’t succumbed to the stick-thin, ubiquitous Hollywood body type. But she sure as heckfire isn’t the willowy blonde Stephenie Meyer described in her books. I give that one a feh, dolls. It’s pretty obv that Catherine simply cast her in the role because they’re friends – and because Nikki wrote the script for Thirteen.

Other than that, the cast worked for me. Peter Facinelli was impressive in the role of Carlisle Cullen, despite the fact that every time he appeared onscreen, all I wanted to do was be all, “AmanDUH” (as he said in the opus of cinematic genius, Can’t Hardly Wait.)

Setwise, Bella’s room seemed off and a bit small to me. The “dazzling in the meadow” scene actually took place in a forest. For me, it didn’t quite work. I needed a bit more light, more reflection of the light off of Edward’s MARBLE bod, and more open space, as it was described in the book. But the way they made his skin look like diamonds was impressive.

Did you see the movie this weekend? What did you think? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. PolishHappiness

    okay so I saw Twilight last night and LOVED IT.

    Loved Robert Pattison. I always imagined Bella with shorter/straighter hair though. But she did alright. My friend didn’t like her voice.

    Okay I LOVED JASPER. When they were playing baseball in the field. HELLO! LOVE YOU JASPER! hahahaha!

    overall I think they did a good job fitting as much as they could of a LONG book into a movie!

  2. rita

    you make me laugh! really, I come here everytime I need a good laugh.. “it’s to die, I die, everyone dies” lol! I’m from portugal and I read the first book this weekend… IN ENGLISH! I had some difficulties but I was loving it so much I couldnt stop. I’m watching twilight next week (I hope) kisses from your #1 portuguese fan.

  3. Amber

    Hey anon,

    Thanks for your comment!

    I’m just assuming that that’s why. It’s true that I don’t know anything about how she was cast for sure, but I just don’t think she’s right for that role AT ALL. Another one, possibly. But not that one.

  4. Anonymous

    While I respect that everyone has their own opinions (and I agree with you for the most part), I would just like to point out that Nikki Reed was not cast because she was friends with Catherine Hardwicke. It has been stated many times and though I don’t know the real reason she was cast, that is not it.


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