’90s Ladies Week: Tekken 3’s Anna Williams

1998-1999, I had a wicked addiction to Tekken 3. I have an unlikely penchant for fighter-style video games (my original fave was Mortal Kombat). I know. I played copious amounts of Tekken 3 with my friend Todd in high school EVERY day at his house and when I went to college, I impressed my male dormmates with my “skills.”

My “skills,” I’ll admit now, were nil – you can be extremely successful at this game just by furiously pounding the control pad using both hands. I learned no special moves. I didn’t peek into my brother’s subscription to Electronic Gaming Monthly. I just haphazardly tapped my thumbs and would win almost every time. It garnered me “cool girl” status with the dudes freshman year for sure.

Anywho, check my fave character, Anna Williams (pictured, above). How slammin’ is she? She is a Harajuku girl if I ever saw one, and that is why she inspires me to tell you about a faboo suite of fragrances, Harajuku Lovers.

Anna obv appreciates a sophisticated Japanese aesthetic (though apparently, she hails from Ireland and puzzlingly enough, speaks with an American accent). There is no doubt in my mind she’d be deeply into this fragrance. Perhaps she’d be a “Love” girl. That’s my fave scent of the collection ($25-45, pictured, left). I’m surprised how much I enjoy it, as I usually abhor a rose/floral scent, but I am somehow enchanted by this bouquet of pink pomelo, rose, and creamy vanilla orchid. And the packaging? TO DIE. Designed by Gwen Stefani to appeal to anyone with “a fatal attraction to cuteness,” these doll decanters hit the mark.

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  1. Jenna

    Oh wow, this post brought back so many memories! I was also wonderfully skilled at fighter games like Mortal Kombat based completely on the fact that I would hit every button as quickly as possible, much to my brother’s displeasure.


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