’90s Ladies Week: A Shadow That’s Meant to be Paired with The Business Woman’s Special

’90s Ladies Week continues, dolls!

Today’s theme is a ’90s movie. I chose my favorite ’90s movie of all time, Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. The film is especially significant for me this month, as in just a little over a week, I will be attending my own ten-year reunion. To say I’m mildly obsessed with my ten-year reunion is a colossal understatement. I’ve assigned everyone cooresponding roles (in my head, of course). There will be a Sandy Frink. There will be a Romy and a Michele. There will be a Lisa Luder. That’s the role I’m gunning for. After all, “what’s the point of going if [you’re] not going to impress people?”

The inspired product: Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow in Purple 92 ($18 – swatch pictured, left)

Is it not a “fun, frisky use of color,” as Lisa Luder said about Romy and Michele’s homemade outfits? This swatch doesn’t EVEN do it justice. It’s a matte, brilliant purple – a Crayola 8-Pack purple, if you will. Use it as a liner, and you’ll be at the mercy of NO ONE, let alone of “the A-group.” Defy “the genetic betrayal that is your legacy” with this shadow’s high pigment density. A tiny smidge of it on an angled liner brush yields phenom color pay-off. It has a satiny feel and lasts all damn day. Rock it and catch the eye of one Mr. Billy Christiansen. Or that of your personal Billy Christiansen from your high school days.

Maybe it’ll even inspire you to confront that “bad person with an ugly heart” at YOUR reune.

Or not. Maybe you don’t “give a flying f*ck what [they] think”.


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