Dashing Diva’s Enzymatic Pumpkin Pedi

I have a weakness for anything seasonal of late. I never used to be like this. Somehow, this year, spiced baked goods, the annual Pumpkin Spice Latte, warm fires, and lots of burnt orange clothing are just… calling to me. So when I found out about Dashing Diva’s Enzymatic Pumpkin Pedicure, I was, natch, right on top of that, Rose.

This pedi is not to be missed. The one-hour treatment starts with Dashing Diva’s signature collagen enriched JellyBath. I lurve me some JellyBath, dolls. It’s like warm, soothing preJello-infused water. It sounds vile; it’s so incredibly NOT. It softens skin to the NINES. Next, skin is prepped with their Autumn Berry Body Buff to slough away any remaining dead skin and prep feet for exfolation. Then, your feet and legs are painted with the Enzymatic Pumpkin Mask and wrapped in plastic bags for five minutes. The mask smells divine and the enzymes are a natural exfoliant that delivers vitamins and minerals into the skin tissue. Then, you’re treated to a ten-minute leg and foot massage using Orange Spice Massage Potion. DIVINE.

I enjoyed mine at the Union Square DD on 15th and 3rd on Sunday (the pedicure lounge at this location is pictured above) with Jamie, where we had a delightful time gabbing and relaxing on the salon’s positively-made-for-lounging-and-gossiping couches.

$75 for the pedicure (prices may vary at different salons.)

Image credit: Dashing Diva

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  1. Natasha Wescoat

    mmmm! I could use one of these about now. My spa routine is suffering incredibly, with all the work I do. I’m going to try to make it a regular thing. They say it helps reduce stress and keep the weight off. I could sure use both benefits. ;P


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