Q&A: Shun that Shine!

My friend/former coworker Sarah writes:
Q: I used to use this Mary Kay product called Oil Mattifying Lotion and boy, it sure worked like a charm. But because Mary Kay is a pain to order as you have to deal with a person and an appointment, generally, I stopped using it. However, I battle shine every day! Do you know of similar products that combat such unbecoming facial glare, oh Beauty Blogging Junkie princess?

A: Oh, Sarah, I can SO relate. And BT dubs, flattery, espesh of the royal variety will get you EVERYWHERE. I deal with reflective facial skin ALL of the time. I also don’t deal with pushy MK or Avon ladies. As I have an addiction, I try to limit my interaction with pushy salespeople who are peddling my personal equivalent of heroine. You know? Anywho, here’s what I recommend:

Philosophy Never Let Them See You Shine ($20) is a fantastic pre-makeup primer that absolutely ASSASSINATES gleam on your grill.

Origins Zero Oil Mattifier ($11) is a liquid shine inhibitor that will reduce reflection in your lifestyle, stat. Also, in the same post (click the link above), check out the review of Benefit Dr. Feelgood, a perf powder alternative to tote around in your purse for touch-ups.

Do let me know how you fare, SD!

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  1. lelaelena

    I say Silica does wonders, even MUFE’s new HD mattifying powder.

    BTW the way, Bareminerals launched a hydrating mineral veil yesterday and I have to say, it attifies, but skin feels sillllky smooth like matte buttah.

  2. SD

    wowee, thanks so much! i will skidaddle to sephora pronto to collect each of these products and will of course circle on back!


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