Cintra Wilson on Juicy Couture

That Cintra needs to find a way to entertain me more than only once a fortnight.

Check this delightful gem of prose:
Both Tory Burch and Juicy provide classic, trophy-wife establishment chic; the big difference between the two is that Juicy is posing as disestablishment chic. It is putting food coloring in its blond hair and driving to the underage punk show in Dad’s Lexus. Juicy is de-punkinated punk that rarely verges into the naughty; it is a co-opted counterculture look that seems intent on ushering in a new mainstream paradigm: Instant Vintage. New Thrift.

Oh, and Cintra and I are SO on the same page this week with back-in-circulation hues: “This grayish pink-purple mauve has risen from its Pantone grave and returned to haunt in the form of Juicy brand luggage and fleur-de-lis-spattered thermals.” PANTONE GRAVE! Do you love it? Click here to read the article.

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