Better Beauty Sleep Recommendation: Target’s Memory Foam Topper

My mom sent me this phenom memory foam topper for my bed as a way belated housewarming gift (I moved to my current apartment last February) last week. Target‘s version is $90 for the full size, and it’s a major sleep upgrade. I used to doze on a $20 egg crate foam mattress topper, which is better than nothing, but the memory foam is like, fit for a princess (specifically, of “and the Pea” fame). It relieves pressure points and I sleep like I haven’t in months. Lurve. Additionally, I recently invested in Target’s Sterilite 7-Drawer Craft Cart for my makeup (I have that much makeup) and I can’t wait to print out little labels (like “colored mascara!”) and organize my stash. Yay for Target!

4 Comments Better Beauty Sleep Recommendation: Target’s Memory Foam Topper

  1. Distar

    Agreed! Love the memory foam topper. I got a queen size one on Overstock was around 60$ and it came with two memory foam pillows (amazing as well). It makes my mattress really perfect – sweet dreams.

  2. kara

    i have something similar to this and i LOOOOOOVE it, actually i have a smaller one like this with 3 drawers and then a big one that’s almost waist-high, both similar, both perfect for makeup, they’re so much fun to organize! and i am SO buying that memory foam topper! i do the egg crate ghetto-fabulous topper now, too! 😀


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