Fashion Week: BBJ Backstage at Vivienne Tam

I love to report on Vivienne Tam backstage, gals! Here’s my post on good old VT last season. Polly Osmond for MAC Cosmetics told me there was no tangible inspiration for the look. “There’s so much color in the clothes so we chose to keep the face neutral with a lot of golds and browns,” explained Polly. She layered on varying shades of brown creme shadows with a bronze on top, which she blended outwards. Bronzer was also swept onto the nose and sculpted around the face. For this she used a color-gradiated shimmer compact which will be available in three shades: blonde, redhead, and brunette. Because she used minimal color, Polly used a heavier foundation for a matte effect. Lips were glossed up with a pale pink gloss. To recreate this at home, Polly recommends a sheer lipcolor to achieve a “pull-offable” pale lip.

Next, I hit up the phenom Kevin Mancuso (the man behind Britney’s mane) for Nexxus, who created a chic updo. Now, I watched Kevin for several minutes trying to take it all in… I was determined to recreate this one myself. It’s pretty complicated, but as luck has it, Nexxus heard my plea and emailed a step-by-step how-to! Check it:

* Apply a root lifting product, like Nexxus Root Exxtend, at roots for lift and all over locks to help enhance texture and pliability.
* Distribute a medium-hold mousse, such as Nexxus Mousse Plus, throughout hair to help maintain the structure of the style.
* Separate hair into medium sized sections and blow-dry with a round brush.
* Part top section of hair down the middle.
* Gather hair into a mid-placed ponytail, in line with your ears. Loop ponytail into a twisted bun and secure with bobby pins.
* Pull a few strands from the end of the ponytail from the bun for a wispy texture.
*Finish look with a light-hold hairspray, like Nexxus 360° Volume.

Behold Kevin Mancuso‘s products at Vivienne Tam backstage!

Kevin, as he works on a model with extremely thick hair. I told her how lucky she is, lest you wonder.

Check out the ‘do from the side!

Another stylist smooths out a model’s hair with some mousse to create a texture that will maintain the style.

I think the makeup and hair are both gorgely understated. What say you? Tell me in the comments!

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