Fashion Week: BBJ Backstage at Betsey Johnson

I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go backstage at a Betsey Johnson show. She’s one of my favorite designers. EVER. It’s like she exists on another plane; one where fairies are visible and everything is magical. So I didn’t even bat an EYELASH when I got backstage and heard music pumping, saw balloons and wild, colorful wigs, tutus, handmade colorful Betsey-drawn posters and theatrical makeup strewn about. It was a veritable CIRCUS. Welcome to Betseyville.

Check out the balloons.

A fun Betsey poster!

Here’s another.

The makeup inspiration: DOLLS, dolls. I’d like a one-way ticket to Betseyville. Thanks.

The Look: Makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi for Make Up For Ever created a diva dollface. She dusted a shimmery white shade onto lids and attached faux lashes and then drew four lashes in black pencil down the cheeks. Fulvia then brushed on an exaggerated circle in bright pink at the apples of cheeks. She completed the look with a heart-shaped pout in a pinkish-red shade. Here are the shades Fulvia used:

Lipstick #205, Aqua Lip #8C

Sculpting Blush #8
Eye Shadow #0, Aqua Eyes #0L
Gianna #22 and Alexandra #110 faux lashes

The hair inspiration: a King’s Road version of Tinkerbell. The look: the fab stylist Italo Gregario for REDKEN worked with synthetic wigs, which he cut into a bob with a twist, shorter at the back and longer angles toward the front with bangs trimmed right above the brows. When I saw the wigs, I was kind of thrown for a loop; I wasn’t entirely sure he’d be using products on a wig. It turns out, he WAS still using them. Italo sprayed Spray Starch throughout and worked Fabricate onto the ends. He finished with a touch of hairspray for an artfully-disheveled look.

Italo poses with a model for BBJ!

Models’ makeup was shielded whilst bangs were cut.

Nails were polished with NYC New York Fast Dry Polyester Pink, a light cotton candy color.

Models eat! It’s hilar, I’ve seen models chowing down at EVERY show.

Fries backstage.

Stay tuned for details straight from Ted Gibson about how to build volume, an interview with Tommy Hilfiger and sexy supermodel Tommy Dunn (the new face of the men’s fragrance Hilfiger), and my trip to the Chanel showroom!


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