Fashion Week: BBJ Backstage at Miss Sixty

The finished look at Miss Sixty. Image courtesy of

At Miss Sixty, the hair was inspired by a shiny, cleaned-up Patti Smith. Very rock and roll, if you will. Head stylist Leonardo Manetti used a 1″ curling iron in alternating sections (totally random) to create varying areas of movement. GHD Miracle Mist, a leave-in conditioner was used to achieve health and shine. For volume, GHD Maximize Mousse was massaged onto the roots before the stylist blow-dried the hair in sections. Hair was finished off with GHD Reflection Spray, which was rubbed between hands before running a bit through the models’ hair.

Makeup was based on a 70s powerful woman. “Think Jane Fonda, a heroic woman,” said makeup artist Romy Soleimani for MAC Cosmetics. The look was a round-shaped smoky eye with black liner and a black pigment layered on top of it. Loose blue-violet glitter (MAC Purple Duo Reflect) was dusted onto lids. The powder’s consistency is “so fine, it almost looks wet,” explained Romy. Lots of MAC’s upcoming mascara (called Dazzle) was layered on in thin coats, then with a thicker hand on both top and bottom lashes. The mascara brush was held vertically when applied to the bottom lashes. Cheeks were minimally soft. Brows were tamed with a light brown gel, while lips were lightly defined with a soft pink stain and a pale pink glittery gloss called Baby Sparks.


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