Fashion Week: BBJ Backstage at Abaete

Behold the Stila makeup table!

Shawn Peltier, (pictured, left) Stila makeup artist, gave me the scoop on the inspiration for the look. “Feminine, definitely,” Shawn reported. “Frilly and frivolous BUT with a hint of naughty.” Abaete’s Spring 2009 line conveys the theme of reason vs. emotion.

The light/dark dichotomy reigns supreme at this show (much like it does in LOST!) and I’m into it. As another makeup artist there, Viviane Martin (pictured, left) told me, “it’s about the good girl you are… and the bad girl you want to be.”

Shawn achieved a smooth, even complexion with Stila Illuminating Liquid Foundation. Eyes were defined with Stila Black Smudge Pot 24K (black with gold flecks), which is new for spring 2009. Shawn applied it close to the lashes in a graduated manner – not necessarily smoky. “The goal is to achieve a ‘graphic eye,’ not a smoky one,” he explained. Cheeks were left bare and lips were adorned with Stila Tahitian Vanilla Gloss and Stila Shine Lip Polish. Top and bottom lashes were coats of black Multi-Effect Mascara. Skin was then perfected with a second finishing touch of foundation to further enhance the naughty/nice theme: clean, fresh skin juxtaposed with a strong eye. Super dark, nearly black CND nail polish was applied to nails.

Then, I spoke to David Cruz, REDKEN stylist. He told me that Abaete had decided on a strong, severe hair concept. The look was eye-level, tightly pulled-back buns in small proportion. David had his work cut out for him as today happened to be THE MOST HUMID/RAINY day in months. Thanks, Hurricane Hannah. “Humidity is not on your side, doll,” I told him. Moist air be damned, David soldiered through it, flat-ironing the models’ hair section by section (many had been teased to the nines from previous shows) before pulling it into a tiny ponytail, ensuring there were no flyaways. He finished the effect with wax, using his fingers to apply it. The product is fab REDKEN creation Electric Wax 11, a pomade adorned with pale yellow sparkles. It yields shine and light-reflecting properties.

The “David vs. Humidity” story was victorious for David: he finished with a combo of two REDKEN hairsprays. He used REDKEN Workforce 09 Flexible Volumizing Spray and REDKEN Headplay 12 Pliable Working Spray.

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