Lovely Lids: A How-To

Hi, girls!

Long time no SPEAK. So I started a new job this week and although it’s a massive improvement, (I finally have achieved the title of Editor in my paying job) my access to pretty much everything is BLOCKED. So while I didn’t spend a ton of time during the workday on my blog (mostly lunch break posts), it appears now I’ll be able to spend NO time. So bear with me while I figure out a new blogging sched (right now, it’s looking like 10pm-1am – not sure how sustainable that will be). I’ll update you at least once a day, but my posts will likely be posted later.

Anywho, I wanted to brief you on my latest eye concept. I’m loving Skyn ICELAND Icelandic Relief Eye Cream ($45). It’s a DRY cream – do you know what I mean? It hydrates but does so without any dewiness/glossiness. It sinks into skin easily and leaves it plumper and soft without moistness. Now that said, sometimes I love a dewy eye cream – one such option is Dr. Hauschka’s Eye Contour Day Balm ($50). But SKYN ICELAND’s is feathery lightweight and cools skin slightly, which is great for August schvitzy-hot heat.

After I’ve applied my eye cream (don’t EVER forget this step, friends. No one over the age of 25 should be skipping eye cream), I use my fingertips to dab on just the teensiest amount of Elizabeth Arden Advanced Eye-Fix Primer ($22). My eyelids are almost translucent – you can see my veins through them, which sounds vile, but I promise you, it merely looks like shadow. In fact, I’ve always thought it kind of resembled a super-fun abstract art. You can really only see them if you’re UP in my face and I’m pulling my lid down. Most of the time I leave them as-is, without shadow (and field questions as to which shadow I’m rocking, funnily enough), but sometimes, I want an even surface if I’m going to wear a light shadow. A tiny bit of this nude-tinted primer does the job to perfecsh.

My daytime shadow for work of late is NARS Eye Shadow in Biarritz ($22), a smooth matte creamy ecru with pink undertones. I sweep it all over my eye real estate with a big floofy brush before lining with a gel liner.

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