Liquid Liner Tip

One other thing about Fire Island, dolls… they have the STRANGEST rules there that they’re almost maniacal about enforcing. Like the fact that you can’t eat or drink on the street at all, nor listen to a radio with speakers on the beach. In fact, bakery there proudly displays a court summons the owner received for selling cookies to people who would then eat them outside the shop. Can you imagine? It’s like that fachachta town in Footloose – you know, where you weren’t allowed to dance or do anything?

Anywho, I have to tell you about a new liquid liner tip. There’s another story about it, stay with me. I know, I’m like Teddy Ruxbin today with the stories. So last Tuesday, I was out at Cibar with Dina and Charu and we all noticed how skilled our cocktail waitress was at carrying an impressive number of drinks at the same time to our table. Dina remarked that it must be because she simply does it without thinking about it. Well, the next morning I was applying some liquid liner – NARS Liquid Eyeliner in Angel Heart, a delightfully-pigmented true black – and I realized that the cocktail technique ALSO applies to liquid liner. I didn’t THINK about it and applied a perfectly straight uber thin close-to-the lashes line. That’s the ticket, girls. Try it on out!

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