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Have you guys noticed that there are geographical locations in which your hair looks especially phenom? I most certainly have. I spent this weekend with my fave girlfriend getaway pals, Lauren and Emily, to Fire Island. Have you ever been? It’s SUPER fab, gals. It’s a delightful place with deer, no cars, a fantastic beach, super tall CUTE dudes (without the unnecessary amount of hair product you see them wearing in the Hamptons), zero pretension (also unlike the Hamptons) and my personal favorite thing about F.I. – NO heels. No one wears them because a) you walk everywhere and b) it’s simply not that kind of party. Also? Several of the bars there serve this divine frozen drink called Rocket Fuel, which is comprised of Bacardi 151 and coconut milk. Yum, yum, yum! It’s comparable to a BBC (Banana Bailey’s Cooler) at Cyril’s in Montauk. I’ll just go ahead and say that I really am going to make a concerted effort to try the local frozen cocktail indigenous to various vaca haunts in Long Island.

But my hair in Fire Island was nothing short of gorge (The pic above gives you an idea of how it looked, I’m the second in from the left. Emily, Lauren, and Dave are joining me in the photo opp). Seriously. The humidity is such that my T3 Evolution-straightened hair was super smooth and straight in Manhattan, but a ferry ride later and an hour on the isle of fuego, I had gorgeous beach waves – and I didn’t use a curling iron, nor curlers. I used nothing but humidity and a tiny spritz of water on my shorter top layers. For some reason, my hair curls better the longer it is and my newly clipped layers weren’t long enough to curl well without a bit of H20. The same look I use heat tools and a generous amount of hairspray to achieve, was easily attained with humidity and WATER. Can you even? Of course, it did help that I had a great shampoo and conditioner in my travel bag rotation: PureOlogy NanoWorks Shampoo ($56) and L’Oreal Care Supreme Conditioner, which normally comes in their dye kits, but you can buy separately at the L’Oreal store in the Beverly Center in Los Angeles, which is where I purchased mine.

Of course, on the flip side, there are also BAD hair cities. On my bad hair city list are Boston and Las Vegas.

What are your good and bad hair cities? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. Amber

    Hey Jenna,

    If you have straight hair, it’ll be fine. It’s a pretty dry city and I just found that the water there didn’t make my hair look all that fab. Vegas is much worse. Don’t worry! Enjoy Boston! I loved living there during college.


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