Glow-y Days Week: Kiehls Sun Free Self Self Tanning Formula

Hi, gals! Welcome to Glow-y Days Week, where I finally tell you all about self-tanners I’ve been trying about all summer! I’ve gotten so into it that I’m rarely sans tan (au naturel). In fact, when I last saw my brother in Philly over July 4th weekend, he remarked that I was looking much like a Friends character of late as a result of my contsta-tan. Hilar. Without further ado, here’s the first self-tanner of Glow-y Days Week!

Kiehls Sun Free Self Tanning Formula ($22.50): Here’s why I LOVE this product: there’s NO horrendous DHA smell. Its moisturizing formula is great for sensitive skin and absorbs instantly so you can spend your time doing something other than standing in front of the air conditioning for a good half hour. Imparts a medium, golden tan. Using it two days in a row causes me to venture slightly into orange territory – I’d apply every other day at most. Kiehls says it’s okay to use this on both face and body, but I stick just to body and use something else on my face as it contains apricot kernal oil. Phenom for my bod, not so phenom for pores. Also includes cocoa butter and Vitamin E. Best of all? Color is activated within an hour of application.

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  1. Jacki

    I would have never thought of Kiehls for self tanners! I use their eye cream but never have dug deeper in their line…very interesting!


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