Weekly Phenom List: Lemony Freshness!

My fave items this week are all of the citron-scented variety. With the rising cost of lemons (the world embodies the plot of a sci-fi movie more and more these days, doesn’t it?), it may just be a good idea to get your citrus fix from your beauty products instead. Side note: be sure to read this adorable New York magazine article about kids’ lemonade stands in New York. It’s preciously hilar.

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Oxygen (O2) Facial Commission ($48): I LOVE this brand. I’d never heard of it until receiving a sample and I am v. v. v. impressed. I love a skin care item involving oxygen (referred to in its name as O2 for the chemistry nerd in me). This stuff smells like lemony laundry in a good way, refreshes and energizes my skin and provides JUST enough hydration that my thirsty skin cells appreciate, while still keeping my oil-prone skin matte.
One of my fave beauty blogs, Product Fiend, is employing hyperbole when discussing their Pore Revolution and T Zone Mattifier, which I must try out. All of their products come in chic red packaging that’s a pleasing combo of vintage Hollywood starlet and clinical, serious dermatological get-down-to-businessness.

June Jacobs Lip Kit ($60): Each of its three components – a lip scrub, masque and renewal treatment – are phenomenal, but I must focus on the renewal treatment in particular. It’s divinity in a little tiny pot. Infused with shea butter, grapefruit and vitamin E, it’s a panacea for dry, dehydrated, peeling lips. Bonus: it even reduces the appearance of lip lines. Who needs those? Not you, doll. Not you.

Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Scrub ($36): I’ll just say it – I think Bliss produces the best-smelling body beauty booty. This brisk lemon/sage combo is the olfactory equivalent of ambrosia – not the gross marshmallow-laden stuff your great aunt Doris brings to the July 4th picnic – the ambrosia referenced in Greek and Roman mythology. You know, the sustenance of the gods. The consistency of this scrub is phenom: lots of medium-sized scrubbies suspended in a non-oily, yet subtly moisturizing creamy formula. Also? Here’s a tip that I only JUST learned: use a LOT of body scrub. More than you think you’d need. It makes such a difference. I’d been using a couple quarter-sized scoops for my entire body, trying to be all recessionomical and stuff. But last night, I used about two-to-three times my normal amount and my skin absolutely GLEAMED. The downside is that you’ll go through scrub two-to-three times as often, but it’s FAR more effective. Try it out and let me know what you think. Get it at www.blissworld.com

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