Take a Fab License Pic with Physician’s Formula

Can you buh-lieve that in a bizarre twist of fate, I JUST renewed my license this weekend? Although, I renewed my Pennsylvania one (though I haven’t lived in Pennsylvania since the 90s.) And I made sure I got DECKED for this license photo (left), after three VERY subpar ones (in PA, you renew every four years). I actually managed to take a decent photo on a government-issued form of ID. I’m very pleased; I keep taking it out of my wallet and looking at it. P.S. Was it totally vain of me to argue with the DMV lady to change my height to 5’5″? (I grew an inch in college.) Clearly, she wouldn’t do it. Apparently, you can only change your height on your license if it’s more than 4 inches. Sigh.

Anyway, NYC gals with expiring licenses will adore this news: Physicians Formula makeup artists will be stationed outside of the DMV at 300 West 34th Street (between 8th and 9th Avenues) to offer complimentary makeovers all week, starting tomorrow morning at 7:30.

Don’t live in NYC but want to take a fly pic? Here are some tips from Joanna Schlip, celebrity makeup artist:

Concealer – apply concealer on top of foundation and before you add powder. Use it to disguise broken capillaries, dark circles, pimples and blemishes and to even out skin tone.

Bronzers – your key to looking healthy, wide awake and sun-kissed. Apply lightly to the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin (all the spots where the sun naturally shines). Be careful not to go too dark – no more than two shades darker than your skin.

Lash Curler – your fastest way to wide eyes and a well-rested look. Make sure to use on clean lashes for best results. If you already have mascara on just comb through lashes first to remove excess product.

Mascara – always use black – it gives you the most definition without having to over apply product. Use a lash comb to separate wet lashes.

Eyeliner – match your eye color to your eyeliner. Browns, gilded bronzes, and wines are great for light eyes and dark eyes can pull off a more dramatic black. Silver and charcoals look best on green and blue eyes; rich browns for blue eyes and plums for green eyes. Pencil offers soft definition but for more precision and drama go with liquid versions.

Blush – a must-use. Bronzers alone will not work with the DMV lighting. Blush will leave you with a natural and healthy glow. Bonus: for a dewy look, apply cream blush to the apples of your cheeks.

Lip Gloss – apply gloss to the middle of lower lips and rub lips together so it spreads evenly. Stick to simple colors that compliment your look – sparkles and glitter should be saved for parties, not the DMV.

Powder – for smooth, shine-free, natural photo-ready skin you should use loose powder to set makeup as the final step. This also works wonders on oily skin. Use the best quality power you can find as the finely milled powders will not settle into fine lines.

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