An "Elle of a Pedicure"

On Friday, I headed to my fave pink pedicure place, Dashing Diva for their signature “Elle of a pedicure.” It starts with a pink JellyBath containing the Legally Pink Elixir with pure Ylang-Ylang. The JellyBath feels somewhat like dipping your feet in steamy water with floating pieces of jello that adhere to your skin in moisturizing little beads. It sounds kind of vile, but I promise you, it’s quite the opposite. Then, your legs and feet are scrubbed down with Legally Pink Summer Scrub before being washed off again in the tub. A cotton candy mask is applied to legs and feet and is left to set for a few minutes (they wrap your legs in plastic bags for this) before being washed off as well. Feet will be tickled-pink after a 10-minute foot and lower leg massage with a moisturizing Elle of a Body Butter. Toes are completed with a perfect polish of bold Blond Pink nail color, or choose from over 150 shades of Dashing Diva colors. A bit steep at $65 (I can score a pedi in NYC for $10), but worth it as a treat.

Pictured: Laura Bell Bundy enjoys an “Elle of a Pedicure” at the Bend & Snap competition held at the 3rd Avenue and 15th Street location last Thursday.

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  1. Amber

    Anjela, it’s truly phenom. I wouldn’t spring for it ALL the time, but it’s worth it as a little gift to yourself. A mid-summer night’s treat, if you will. Then you can go back to $10 pedis.

  2. Anjela

    That sounds yummy! I hear you about the $10 pedi but this may be worth it.I’m currently watching the show and it’s a trip! I never thought I would be hooked on it but I am.


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