Worth the Splurge: Alterna Ten Shampoo


I know. I KNOW. It’s $60 shampoo. In a world where we live as people, how can that be necessary? Try it out and you’ll see. The conditioner is also phenomenal, but I think spending $120 on a shampoo/condish combo is a bit cra. I’d rather save it for my Christian Louboutin fund. If you have the means, I certainly recommend it. If you don’t, I’d recommend you pair the shampoo with Terax Ultra-Moisturizing Daily Conditioner, an easier-on-your-wallet $22.

It has to be said: I have the best hair day of my LIFESTYLE when I use this shampoo. It’s highly concentrated (so a little dab’ll do ya) and sulfate free. I seriously have half a mind to never let a sulfate near my locks again.

Also? I believe you can go drugstore for many things, dollfaces. But for special occasion weekend hair, I’ve yet to find a drugstore shampoo/conditioner that comes CLOSE to how well this one performs. My hair is soft, healthy, shiny, and Ginny-the-betrothed-sister-of-Sixteen Candles-swingy. I get compliments every time I’ve used it.

The formula combines ten key elements to protect against fading color. It also rebalances and nourishes all hair types, and guards from environmental/chemical stresses. Put it on your wishlist, sell some stuff on eBay, whatever – just get yourself some.

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  1. Angoraknitter

    I stopped into a random salon a couple weeks ago while traveling. I don’t have a very good salon anywhere near where I live…so I don’t get good beauty care, lol.

    So I asked them what they recommended, cause I was a bit tired and underwelmed with the grocery store flavors. I made the mistake of not even asking how much the shampoo and conditioner were…$170 later. I’m not really sure yet. Been using the hemp line for a couple weeks, every other day as I was told, but at that price I’m afraid to use enough. I like the smell, but would love to find a sulfate free shampoo for much less. Cause I don’t think I can afford to buy this again.

  2. Girl-Woman

    Wow, that is pricey, but the price I pay to have my hair tinted, highlighted, lowlighted, cut, and coiffed, I probably should step outside of the Aveda box and spend a few more dollars on shampoo. Thanks.

  3. BAIN

    You sold me that shampoo!!! I checked the ingredient list too and I can see where the high price justifies. Quality ingredients and a smart formula. Not a generic base to which a couple of extracts were added for the marketing heck of it. Simply great!

    Lately, I have tried John Frieda, and the visual result was nice, but the action way to harsh on my scalp. I ended up with some kind of rash. But I don’t hold against the product; I have whimsical skin follicules. LOL

    PS: I just started my own little blog, if you wanna check it out whenever you have a moment.


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