Battle of the Bronzers: L’Oreal vs. Lancome

It’s rumored that L’Oreal’s and Lancome’s products are simply the exact same formulas; one is just packaged in a more high-end manner thus driving up the price. For certain products it’s true: I find L’Oreal’s Color Juice is a real competitor against Lancome’s famed Juicy Tubes. I decided to put L’Oreal Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist in a death match against Lancome Flash Bronzer Airbrush Self Tan Spray. The results are in.

I have mixed feelings about this L’Oreal Sublime Bronze, dollfaces. Here’s what I like about L’Oreal Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Airbrush Self-Tanning Mist in Medium:
1)The price: $10
2)Its lack of DHA odor
3)The airbrushed non-wet mist that doesn’t feel gross when you apply it
4)The color the Medium one produces is perfect for WINTER
5)It’s very user-friendly – it yields no streaks

I don’t love that (see number 4, above) the color isn’t very appropriate for summer. In the summer, I like to be tan, bitches. Not a real, fried-myself-at-the-NJ-shore, going-to-look-45-by-the-time-I’m-30-tan – but I like to FAUX tan myself to a deep caramel. So while I hate the way Lancome’s Flash Bronzer Airbrush Self Tan Spray ($28) makes me smell as if I just dived into a vat of quarters Scrooge MacDuck-style AND feels soaking wet as you apply it, it’s still my Mem-Day-to-Labe Day Self-Tanner of Choice. It just gives me the oomph I need. I want my spray tan to be dramatic (within the confines of the 100 days of summer.) More dramatic, than, say, the dramatic part of Genesis’ “In the Air Tonight” song. You know?

The winner is Lancome!

4 Comments Battle of the Bronzers: L’Oreal vs. Lancome

  1. Jacki

    I have tried quite a few self tanners so far this summer and I just can’t get behind the L’Oreal products, with the exception of the gradual face lotion; now that does work. (Although the oil slick it produces requires that I use it at night.)
    I did find some bronzer lotion from two years ago earlier this evening and I did the unthinkable and slathered it on. I figure I’ve been lucky enough so far trying them out that hopefully I won’t wake up tomorrow with a new orange look.
    I would love to see a self tanner challenge from you, you know test out more and tell us what you think!

  2. Fabulista

    Hey Jaime! I think that the L’Oreal one is PERF for pale girls. It’s just a hint of color, which is why I use it for winter but if you’re not so deeply into being brown, it’s PERF. Let me know what you think!

  3. Jaime

    I busted out laughing at “feh”!!! So funny. Fabulista, can you please blog about a spray tan potion for pale girls? I have never, ever spray tanned or used a tanner. I’m clueless / trying to single-handedly keep pale skin and curly hair in style.


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