LOST Prediction from a Commenter on EW.com

Someone left this comment on Jeff Jensen’s EW article on the season finale and I think it’s a PHENOM prediction. It explains Penny’s people in the Arctic, the polar bears AND the polar bears in Tunisia.

“Here is what I think the season finale will reveal about the
‘On-Islanders.’ When Ben moves the island, it won’t be to a different
time, as you have speculated, but to a different place, one very far
from the South Pacific: the Arctic! I am thinking that the Orchid
Station controls the location of the Island, that it has moved before,
and that it has been in the Arctic – hence the polar bears. Also, if the
current island moves to the Arctic, it would explain why flash-forward
Ben was wearing a parka, and may be why Penny’s people were looking for
Desmond in the Arctic. Plus, what a season-ender it would be to have Ben
push some buttons and suddenly the island is covered in snow!”

What do you think? Tell me in the comments!

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2 Comments LOST Prediction from a Commenter on EW.com

  1. angie

    Sounds good to me! I LOVE Lost, but it’s all over my head. I normally have to find blogs and forums to explain everything I just saw.
    (New to your blog, it’s great!)


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