Bathing Beauty

Most of my life I’ve found baths utterly repellent. I couldn’t understand why people would want to veritably MARINATE themselves and call it cleansing. This year, all of a sudden, I ADORE a bath. I still shower afterwards (I’m still sort of under the whole marination situation) but I actually look forward to drawing a BATH these days. It’s a good time to unwind with a good mag (one you don’t mind getting wet), deep condition, light a candle and maybe even bring in a good glass of Sauvignon Blanc.

Here are my three bath essentials.

Molton Brown Thai Vert Candela
This candle is scented with a surprising mix of notes: lime, Indonesian patchouli, caraway, elemi and Moroccan eucalyptus. Have I mentioned I ADORE eucalyptus? I think I must have been a koala in a past life. I totally LOOK like one. Pretty pricey at $84, but I’ve found that nothing is more vomitatious than a cheap candle. Right?

Carol’s Daughter Bath Bomb
I am WILDLY into these. They are like alka seltzer in your tub. Each bath bomb is infused with natural butters, essential oils and detoxifiers to relax achy muscles and moisturize skin. I drop the whole damn thing in and watch it fizz for a minute before jumping in. $7

Origins Gloomaway Bath Bar
Know what I hate? A mini baby bar of soap that lasts five minutes because the steam erodes it. Although I don’t embrace redundancy anywhere else in my lifestyle, I totes embrace it in my bath slash shower. I ALWAYS use a shower gel AND a bar soap. Every time. This one from Origins is absolutely enormous and is deliciously scented with grapefruit for morning invigoration. $13.

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